• Welcome to my football blog, as a big footy fan I follow all the major European and worldwide leagues as well as any international games. On this blog I will post my own footy tips, news and opinions.

    At the moment the English leagues are taking a break but there is still plenty of football to watch over the summer including Copa America, u21 European Cup and the Womens World Cup (might be Englands best change at winning a world cup after all!).

    I will be posting my top tips for the 2015-2016 season, last year I correctly predicted the premiership tricast (the finishing positions of the top 3 teams in order) for a nice 15/1 winner and will be doing the same this year.

    I will also be posting my predictions for the winners and losers in each league and maybe a few champions league tips too. Generally I don’t post to much betting stuff just promotions which are good value like the bet365 £50 free inplay offer which is incredibly popular when it runs.

    If you are new to betting, especially matched betting, I will walk you through exactly how it works and how I make a nice side income by taking the bookies up on their offer of free bets and enhanced odds! If you don’t have an account at any sportsbooks you can claim bonuses potentially worth £1,000s . Matched betting is entirely legal in the UK and anywhere you can place bets online some people make very good incomes by doing it most people make a few £100 per month to supplement their income. You won’t make a fortune out of it but you will make at least some money.