• It’s just a year way! the 2nd biggest football tournament is almost upon us, England have qualified and it looks like Wales, Scotland  and N. Ireland may well too.

    I don’t like to get my hopes up when it comes to international performance, as much as I love my country and thoroughly enjoy watching international matches it’s hard to watch a half hearted display by a bunch of seemingly disinterested and half-arsed players

    Englands last performance at the world cup was abysmal, and I felt sorry for the dedicated fans who travelled all the way to Brazil to watch that display. Hopefully in 2016 we will see a better performance as younger players such as Kane will be making more of an impact and it’s always good to see the young blood on the field.

    I remember my first time seeing Beckham play all those years ago and I yearn for those days again, the passion the players showed 10 or 20 years ago was so much more intense then you see today, playing for your country should be a privilege and something you should be giving 110%, otherwise, don’t play.

    Still, I’m an eternal optimist, I hope England will do well in Euro 2016, the qualifying stages have certainly gone extremely well, even though the competition in the groups may not be particularly high they still performed and played well.

    If you fancy a patriotic bet on England to win the current odds are around 12/1, going e/w on your bet will see a guaranteed profit if they make the final