• Choosing a site to play online at is a bit of a process, if you are a casual punter like me you probably want somewhere reliable, good odds, good bonuses and a nice, easy site to use!

    In all my years I’ve played at dozens of sportsbooks, probably over 50! after going through the good, the bad and the ugly I have decided to give a run down of what my best and worst bookies are

    The Good!

    Bet365 are a top bookie, not only do they offer some truly remarkable signup bonuses (£200 1st deposit match) but the site is super easy to use, the mobile app is a breeze and customer support is top notch.
    bet365 I may go through the bet365 bonus info in another post, it takes a bit to explain, but it represents incredible value even when compared to other sites offering £20 free bets. But take it from me you won’t find a better signup bonus then at bet365. Also customer support is top notch, available in the form of LiveChat or phone. The call centre is based in Stoke and they are very knowledgeable. After having some terrible experiences with another UK bookie outsourcing their support to India I outright refuse to use them any more!

    The Bad!

    There are a lot of dodgy outfits online, sticking to the major UK ones will save you a lot of hassle, in order for a sportsbook to take UK customers they must now be licensed in the UK and pay a 15% tax on all profits from UK players. So any sportsbook you see advertising on TV or magazine must now be UK licensed, this also includes bookies on any website targetting UK audience though this is a bit harder to enforce and regulate. I advise you to always do a quick search for the site you are signing up too and sort out through the independent reviews, though remember when it comes to online betting people are quick to call a site a ‘scam’ if they feel they have simply lost a bet, a surprising amount of people don’t realise that betting companies always have an edge on every bet you make, as long as you can filter through the idiots who simply don’t understand betting and people who have genuine gripes with a bookie you will be fine!

    The Ugly.

    To be honest I’m not sure what would qualify as ‘The Ugly’ so I’ll just take a screenshot of the worst looking betting site i have come across. this honour belongs to Betfred, though the site itself and the company is entirely trustworthy the site hasn’t been updated since the myspace era, it’s awful to navigate and all round pain in the arse!

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